Which graph could be used to show the situation described? The temperature increases by 4 degrees every hour.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The First oneStep-by-step explanation:The Temperature increases by 4 every Hour. Right off the bat we can eliminate B and C.That means only 2 answers are left. D shows and Increase of about 6.Or a Rise of 6 and a run of 1. It starts at (0,5)  then rises 6 and runs 1 to get to (1,11) and then rises 6 and runs 1 to get to (2,17). Said pattern continues.A Rises 4 and runs 1. It starts at (0,3) and rises 4, runs 1 to get to (1,7), then it goes to (2,11)Help this Helped!~A.W.E.S.W.A.N